Assess Your Network for Today’s dynamic Threats

In today’s world of cyber attacks and data breaches, it’s important to understand the goals and motivations of attackers as well as how attacks happen. Everyday businesses are at risk to becoming the next victim of a data breach. These breaches continue to happen because organizations never had the ability to visualize the combined intelligence exposing security threats, unprotected data at rest and insider access to unprotected data. Sentree Systems uses a powerful patented data breach risk intelligence platform that delivers the combined intelligence necessary to understand, and act upon risk exposure of data breaches.

The security of corporate sensitive data is now under relentless attack. Fighting the war on digital data loss has reached the status of a global epidemic. The vast majority of data at risk is unprotected data residing on vulnerable endpoints resulting in an easy entry point for attackers. Here at Sentree Systems we recognize today’s cyber security challenges and fight to protect our clients by continuously assessing their environments using proven technology that follows the Data Breach Prevention Lifecycle.

  • Discover – Unprotected sensitive data at rest and the insiders that have access to the data
  • Detect – Security threats providing vulnerable entry points for attackers to access your data
  • Prioritize – At risk assets by leveraging the combined intelligence of security threat and data intelligence
  • Remediate – Security threats by applying patches, mitigating solutions and encrypting or removing unprotected data
  • Manage – The entire lifecycle process through our powerful patented data breach risk intelligence platform




Data Security Evaluation

Free Data Security Evaluation

During our FREE Evaluation we assess the posture of your organization related to Cyber Security. Our evaluation looks for Gaps and Vulnerabilities on select individual computers behind your network to see how that device can hold up to an attack. Based on the results of that evaluation we will offer recommendation on moving forward.

Free Evaluation

Data Security Evaluation

Data Security Audit

Our Data Security Audits consist of Vulnerabilities testing to expose gaps and weak points in your network. We also evaluate the organizations posture with policies a procedures, and if you do not have any we are able to supply them.



Data Security Evaluation

Periodic Data Security Audits

We offer options for your Data Security needs.  We offer Monthly, Quarterly, 6 months and Yearly Data Security Audits based on your organizational needs.  These needs could be governed by local and, or federal compliance regulations.  They could even be just your own internal compliance regulations. We have you covered from start to finish.

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