Who We Are

       Since March of 1999 Sentree Systems Corp. has provided professional Data Security & Risk Management services to SMB's in central Indiana and surrounding cities. Our approach to Data Security is focused on protecting your organization's reputation from becoming another data breach statistic.
      Since our conception the name says it all; Sentree Systems is about security. Security is not about the individual products we buy such as anti-virus, firewalls or encryption, it is about a 3 layered system. These layers have to work together in complete unison, if one fails your entire Sentree (security) system fails.

      This system is comprised of a Protection, Detection and Response layer, with the Detection layer being the most important.  Think about it, if you were in your bed with the whole family in your house fast asleep and someone breaks into your home and you didn't hear them or had a Screeching alarm or barking dog. How could you respond to the threat? I mean really, how could you?

     Security is not about the product or solutions you have in your office, it is about the assets (data) that a company creates, stores and moves. This data is critical to the company that if access was lost to it or it falls into the wrong hands you would stop existing as a company.

      We believe that employee training on company policies and procedures as well as the latest "Scams" are at the top of the list in Data Security.  We also engage in support for credit card processing compliance as well as medical records compliance.  If you look at compliance itself one of the main segments in compliance is Data Security, because you can have Data Security and not be compliant, but you cannot be compliant without having Data Security.
       Our mission and purpose is to provide affordable, high quality enterprise level data security solutions to small and mid-size businesses, that decreases their overall organizational risk of data breaches, law suits for mishandling critical data, regulatory compliance fees, loss of company reputation, while increasing their value to clients, patients and customers.

Benefits for choosing Sentree Systems

        We help small businesses reduce their risk of data breaches while increasing their chances of passing regulatory and compliance audits. So don't think of us as IT, we are not IT, we are a Data Security Consulting partner with a vested interest in seeing your organization succeed! We Are Your DATA GUARD DOG!


"Sentree Systems takes security very seriously and go the extra mile with training and best practices to keep our clients’ data and environment as safe as possible".