White House Warns Business Leaders To Increase Cybersecurity Efforts to Help Minimize Ransomware Attacks

Written by Kevin MabryBusiness


Since the Colonial Pipeline and JBS meatpacking company cyber attacks there  has been increased warnings coming from the White House and may other industries, warning business leaders to do more in their efforts to minimize the risk of cyber attacks.  I have been warning businesses for years that it is not about if but when they suffer an attack.  I have been warning that cybercriminal could be in your network right now and you don’t even know it.  IBM released a report last year stating that it take on average 207 day for an organization to notice that they have been attacked,  and these are companies with IT either outsources or internal, so you must re-evaluate your situation and ask, what am I doing as a business leader to further my efforts to protect my critical data?  Unfortunately, not much, just leaving it all in the hands of your IT provider is not enough, now the White House is saying the same thing.  All I can say is, it is about time.

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