Turn Your Existing Gateway into a Security Powerhouse With a Click of the Mouse When You BYOG

We all love a good BYOB, so just think about it… what if you could do a BYOG? You know, Bring Your Own Gateway. Enjoy a clean, safe Internet experience without having to use any additional software or hardware, plus be safe online in five minutes. Can you imagine not having to spend time and energy on wiring your house or business (not to mention the gray hairs you will save)? We know, it sounds so simple. Well, that’s because it truly is. There is nothing to move or change when you do it the smart way, the BYOG way.

MDS Cloud Powerhouse


Turn your existing gateway into a perimeter security powerhouse! Not only do you have Botnet protection with MDS, but also phishing protection. Save the fishing time for a Saturday afternoon at the river, not when you are busy working on your laptop. Who wants to handle that headache of making sure you are protected from malicious malware and phishing schemes on a daily basis? Luckily for you, we do.

BYOG Cloud Link


MDS not only protects your computer system when you BYOG, but we also are able to get you connected quickly to our cloud tunnel since there is no extra wiring needed. Don’t have an existing gateway? No problem! You can also connect though one of our Cloud-Links®. The MDS Cloud-Link gives you full access to the MDS Cloud in under five minutes. It’s easy to manage and includes free guest WiFi.

It’s that simple. Turn your existing router or gateway into a next generation cybersecurity machine in just five minutes! Experience clean Internet with the MDS Cloud with a simple click of the mouse. Just think, the MDS Cloud provides you with a Firewall, Antivirus, IPS, APT Defense, Web Filtering, Botnet Protection, Phishing Protection, Malicious Site Protection, Application Control, DLP, and Advanced Malware Protection. All in a day’s work for MDS when you BYOG to our MDS Cloud!


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