The Importance Of A Vulnerability Management Program

The Importance Of A Vulnerability Management Program

No matter how secure a website is, there is always the possibility that it could be breached; however, how high the chances are for that breach and how that breach is dealt with if it occurs can be controlled. So, before you choose just any system for your event registration, make sure that you know the website has the most secure vulnerability management program.

The intent of a vulnerability management program is to ensure that current security issues within the environment are identified, evaluated using a risk management approach, and dealt with in a cost-effective and efficient manner. One of the best possible and most important components of a strong vulnerability management program is an independent daily audit for over 3,000 security checks, which exceeds the highest government standards, including the FBI “Top 20 security vulnerabilities” test. Such checks along with secure and redundant web and data base servers allow the system both to run through problems on the main server and to resist any breach. Daily checks also ensure that the security of the system is up-to-date and continually resistant to any security issue.

So, why is it important to check into the security level of your online registration company? Because you are not just entering your information into their database – you are asking all of your registrants to enter their information as well, and most of them will not check the security level of your online registration company. They will trust you send them to a secure site, and you want to know that you deserve their trust. Don’t ask your registrants to trust their personal and financial information to a site that you would not trust upon further investigation.

Consider the severe consequences of one or multiple of your registrants’ identities being stolen. Such a breach would have devastating effects on the credibility of your company and your event. A secure event registration site is vital to the success of your events, so make it a priority when choosing your online registration software.

Some important credentials to look for in addition to independent daily audits for over 3,000 security checks and secure and redundant web and data base servers are a TRUSTe-approved and –monitored privacy policy, a Thawte-verified 128 bit RSA encryption Secure Socket Layer, separate hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly backups that are archived for at least two years, and daily virus definition updates and real time virus scanning to ensure that no virus will compromise you registrants’’ information. Most importantly, however, make sure that your event registration company is Level 1 PCI compliant so that your system is as secure as major banks and credit card companies.

With all of these security measures upheld, your registrants information should be as safe as possible from any breach, but if a breach occurs, the problem or virus will be identified and fixed as soon as possible on a highly monitored system.

Your registrants’ information should be as secure as it would be in any bank so that you don’t have to work about anything but planning a spectacular event.


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