Security Software Options And Their Prices

Security Software Options And Their Prices

The Internet is no doubt a wonderful development. Without it we wouldn’t be able to check the scores of games that aren’t on television, have a child find out what makes up the earth’s atmosphere without leaving home, or conveniently gather any number of other information sources important to people for their various reasons. With the ease of being able to find out just abut anything you need to know when you need to know it, comes a price beyond the mere expenses of hardware, software, and Internet access. That is, with this convenience we all open ourselves and our computers to many of the threats that lurk on the information super highway.

When a computer connects to the Internet, it exchanges data with other computers around the world that simultaneously allow villains to potentially infiltrate your computer. This can not only harm your computer but also allows “cyber thugs” to extract personal information that you have stored on it. (That is especially dangerous when it comes to identity theft.) Even without the threat of stealing personal information, connectivity to the world allows your computer to potentially be “infected” by computer viruses and worms that can damage or destroy the programs and files you have stored, even without being connected to the Internet. It is a serious problem and needs focused attention.

The best means you have today of addressing this threat is to ensure your computer is fully equipped with security software such as a firewall, anti-virus program, anti-spyware program, and anti-spam software. A program that also thwarts adware is fairly critical as well. These will protect you from scammers and hackers waiting for unsuspecting or naive people who don’t take the risks seriously (or they simply do not know). Before you purchase any security software, it is important to know how much you will need to pay and the safety level you can expect to gain in return for your money. Below are a few sample prices to consider during your research before heading to the store.

For the budget conscious individual, there are some very reliable software security manufacturers in the industry. SpyWare Doctor and Webroot Spy Sweeper are both around $30.00 and work well to detect and remove spyware from your computer. For other non-budget breaker security programs you may want to consider AVG software which provides a firewall and anti-virus program that helps keep you protected without spending any money at all. Zone Alarm is another option; its cost is roughly $50.00 and works seamlessly to ward off hacker attempts and other suspicious software.

Zone Alarm offers an all-in-one security package containing spyware busters, a firewall, and an anti-virus program for only $65.00. Norton, which is one of the leading manufacturers for security protection, has an anti-virus program that takes care of spyware as well for only $60.00 plus the cost of updates over ensuing years. If you have a multitude of computers for a business setting, you may want to consider BrightMail Anti-Spam which at a hefty price of $1500 works extremely well for larger businesses.

Now that you know some of the security software available and rough price ranges, you should take aggressive steps to determine the best options for your computer and wallet (if you haven’t already). You do not need to spend much money to install basic security on your computer, and just the peace of mind alone is worth the price.


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