Security Safety And Small Business

Security Safety And Small Business

When I log onto the computer for the first time each day I have a security feature that tells me if there are issues that need to be addressed. The issue could be something as small as downloading a new update or performing a routine scan. The system can even alert me if an attack on my system has been launched and then prevents it.

Every business needs security. For brick and mortar stores that typically means either a security guard and/or motion sensing alarms. For online business it means software solutions that eliminate spyware, adware and multiple viruses. The solutions go further than providing anti-virus protection and firewall features.

It may amaze you, but attacks on small businesses are much more prevalent than large businesses. Why? Primarily because the small business owner does not think of themselves as being target worthy. After all, they are small, so the thinking insists a larger business is more desirable for hacking purposes.

Larger businesses understand the need for security and hackers have come to recognize that larger businesses do not make attractive targets because they work hard to keep their information secure. Some of the more sophisticated hackers have developed their own software that will continuously scan the Internet to find a vulnerable site. Once discovered, this is the type of site the hacker will explore. If it’s not a big business with multiple safeguards in place then it will be a smaller target that is more vulnerable.

With the wide acceptance of lap top computers in wi-fi hot zones there is a lot of business being done on the go. However, in a wi-fi hot zone the signal for your computer (and its contents) is not sent via a protected line, but by radio waves. These waves can be much easier to intercept and used to a hacker’s advantage. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection can help secure your on-the-go business correspondence and transactions.

Many motels and hotels provide free Internet connections (usually wi-fi) so be careful using this as well. Interestingly there are some motels that provide an Internet based computer for their guests to use. Many times that computer is in a common area where anyone can view what you are looking at. Most motels do provide a system that seeks to erase any sites you have visited for your protection, but you should be careful if others can observe the sites or password keystrokes you may be using.

This may sound a little like a James Bond movie and it may seem as though this article is designed with scare tactics in mind, but when it comes to the security of your business and related transactions you should always err on the side of caution.

It takes just one active hacking to damage your computer and potentially compromise the interests of past and present customers. Those customers deserve to have their information guarded and simple online precautions and applicable software can be very helpful in curbing potential problems while maintaining the greatest possible up time.


CEO, Author of the #1 Risk to Small Businesses

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