Security in Life

Security in Life

In life, the basic necessities for living are food, shelter and clothing. These still apply today theoretically, but try applying it and I doubt if you would survive a year with just those three basics. In this day and age, food, shelter and clothing just don’t cut it anymore. With the advent of technology, our lives cannot depend solely on the three basics anymore.

And as life gets more complicated with each passing day, a growing concern that arises with this complexity of surviving is security. Security comes in many forms. You may seek security in a friend; you may look for it for personal safety, you may seek security against cyber fiends, or you may look for it to protect your belongings, you can do a “Linus” and look for security in a blanket even. Whatever form it may take, and whatever form you may need it for, security is surely something that can’t be ignored lest we lose the value of life. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of some men where threats abound. They are everywhere, those heinous hoods of hellish intent. We can never feel secure enough in whatever we do. Whether to be secure about our belongings, financial status, cyber safety, our bikes, our cars, our friends, our family, our lives… whatever we have and whatever we do, security is something we can never take for granted. Otherwise, regret and loss surely follow.

Hoping of course that lives are not lost, after a breach in security against something personal, we can take measures to ensure that our security will not be infringed again. A simple padlock can make a world of difference. But of course a multi-camera security system with police support and a pack of rabid Dobermans and snipers on every corner of the roof with laser detectors in the area and pressure sensitive flooring that triggers a hail of rubber bullets to render an intruder immobile and tear-gas deployment for further shock-still treatment is WAY better than your simple padlock. But against a threat to your computer system, all those do not work. You would need its cyber equivalent to make sure that your computer system is safe and secure!

So whether it be security in a material setting or security in a cyber setting, we can never underestimate the importance of it. How often we hear crimes committed because of a lack in security? – A lot


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