Security – I Think I Have A Virus

Security – I Think I Have A Virus

Computers are awesome in their capabilities. They can supply intense graphics, audio, and powerful software applications. They can help you in business and entertain you from the visually intense screen in front of you.

Once you hook that computer up to the Internet you may be unintentionally inviting cyber bad guys to access information from your site. Through an Internet connection hackers may be able to access your information or company data. Spyware can mess up registries and attach themselves to files on your computer that can slow it down.

Viruses can creep in unexpectedly and cause the complete crash of your system. Viruses can also be used to redistribute the virus through your email system.

A friend of mine recently had an issue with a spyware program that attached itself following a brief power outage. That one instance caused him several weeks of problems with Internet connection and being able to conduct his business.

Every computer, but a business computer for certain, should have a variety of security safeguards in place to help you manage company data and keep your computers running at optimum speed and performance.

Virus Protection

Similar to human viruses the computer virus can infect your computer and you may not know about it until it has already done significant damage. By accessing virus protection you can provide a cyber antibiotic consistently that allows your computer to fight off unwanted viruses before they have a chance to shred data.

Pop Up Blocker

Some may view pop ups as an annoyance, but some pop ups may contain malicious code that could harm your computer. Many browser applications can allow you to stop pop ups from finding their way to your screen, It may be in your best interest to stop the pop.


They want to know where you go and what sites you visit and they find their way onto virtually every computer that is online. They may not be overtly malicious, but when there are too many of them they can cause your system to come to a crawl.

You deserve your privacy online so it may be beneficial to download a spyware extractor and use it often.


A firewall is a cyber tool that can help keep your computer uninviting to hackers. The firewall works to clock entrance to your system from outside, A hacker could still access your computer if they really want to, but if there is an easier target they may be inclined to leave your system alone.

Registry Cleaner

Although not a mandatory item a registry cleaner can help restore or fix registry data that can improve the speed on your computer. Essentially what spyware might take away a registry cleaner can restore for the benefit of your system.

It would be Cyber Utopia if the bad guys would simply leave the Internet alone, but they remain a consistent presence that makes the use of a broad range of security issues necessary for all online users.

Safe computing software may not just be a good idea it may be just what you need to save company data from those who don’t share your personal and professional values.


CEO, Author of the #1 Risk to Small Businesses

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