Any 1 Ransom Payments can equal Repeat Attacks

Ransom Payments

Ransom Payments

Everyone knows paying the ransom after a ransomware attack is a bad idea…but if you’re not anticipating an attack, you might find yourself in a situation where you don’t have another recovery option.

There’s a million reasons to try to avoid this – the biggest one being ransom payments result in repeat attacks.

A recent article from ThreatPost shows ransom payments serve one primary purpose: to make your already breached company the bulls eye for yet another attack.

Only a small percentage of businesses will survive a ransomware attack. Even fewer will survive two!

Side note – 50% of businesses who were attacked a second time experienced the attack within 1-7 days of the first one.

YIKES. You can read all the details HERE.

To make matters worse, researchers found most companies who were hit more than once had unusable data returned to them if they paid the ransom. Numerous dycryptions consecutively corrupted the data.

Ransomware attacks are every business owner’s worst nightmare. They happen frequently – and hackers know who’s vulnerable. Starting with everyone who hasn’t backed their data up to a separate and secure location.

Our advice? Make sure you’ve taken good security measures starting with secure back ups to remote locations. Know your data – how much of it, where it is, who has access to it.

Put yourself in a position to WIN if you’re hit with ransomware. Don’t pay the ransom. One-time success on the hacker’s part encourages another attempt.


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