Pipeline Problems & Healthcare

Written by Kevin L MabryHSN



The current attack around the Colonial Pipeline has (hopefully) reawakened any slumbering notion that cybersecurity isn’t everyone’s problem.  Unsure what we should mean?  In conclusion at an advanced, a cybercrime group recognized as DarkSide hacked Colonial Pipeline’s infrastructure.  Consequently, the organization acknowledged that they are the “victim of the cybersecurity attack” that involved ransomware and they were shutting lower the pipeline by themselves accord like a precaution.  It was completed to assess set up hack had put other areas or processes in danger of attack.

You could think, “Another hack, big deal…so I won’t drive for some time or until gas prices go down”.

This isn’t only a fuel and problem.  This emphasizes the significance of a powerful cybersecurity stance for those INDUSTRIES.  Why? Let’s say there wasn’t enough gas to obtain a victim towards the hospital, in order to run the ambulance which was required to save a existence?  Let’s say the traffic brought on by the lines in the service station wreaked havoc in different ways using the stress it leads to? We’re all already at our tipping point emotionally, and just what if the was the final straw that puts someone within the edge? That sounds nearly the same as a healthcare problem.

As the online hackers “apologized” for which they did, and indicated it had been just in line with the need to receives a commission, the thing is that whatever the targeted victim or industry, many of us are affected in some way. Strong cybersecurity isn’t an add-to your healthcare business design. It should be a built-in part that’s considered from the utmost priority. HIPAA compliance isn’t cybersecurity. We understand this can appear like another item that you will get to, but that has got to change. And assigning a lead at work is essential, however it doesn’t need to be the whole solution. HIPAA Secure Now can sort out both compliance and cybersecurity. Discover more about our ongoing solutions which help train your team regarding how to stay a measure in front of cybercriminals, here.


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