Sentree Systems Security Brief – May 2016

Security Brief – May 2016


Employee Personal Data Breaches on the increase

You wouldn’t think that working for a grocery chain would put you at risk of having your personal data stolen and posted online. But, that’s exactly what happened to almost 100,000 employees of the UK supermarket chain Morrisons. What makes this worse is the supermarket recently denied liability for the breach. Lawyers representing the employees in this case promise to contest the retailer’s position on this.

Cox Communications recently announced that it is looking into the possible breach of the personal information of 40,000 of its employees. Although they aren’t sure yet if the stolen information is authentic, a spokesman for the company says they are conducting a thorough investigation and are committed to protecting privacy and data security.

One employer that most of us would assume would be highly safe to work for is the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). However, just last month the DHS learned that a hacker posted the names, job titles and email addresses of 9,000 of its employees online.

U.S. Universities targeted by hackers

Last month the University of Central Florida made it known that the personal information, including social security numbers, of 63,000 current and former students, staff and faculty members had been exposed.

The faculty, students and alumni at UC Berkeley recently found out that a hacker broke into the financial data system containing information on 80,000 records. They could not prove that anything had actually been stolen but took steps to patch the flaw immediately.

Indiana Electrical Company breached

The Kankakee Valley REMC discovered a possible data breach affecting 17,700 of its members. The breach happened in mid-January of this year and was discovered after the company conducted a cyber security audit. The information exposed included member names, addresses and phone numbers.

Although the company couldn’t confirm if any of this information was copied or stolen, they did respond promptly to correct the problem and will conduct more frequent audits.

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