How To Protect Your Clients’ Private Information From Identity Theft

When you own a business where you are privy to private client information then you have a serious responsible to keep that information safe from prying eyes. Namely hackers. Nefarious people that can take that personal information for their own financial or personal gain are a global threat that everyone worries about. Even large corporations have issues with keeping information secure. IT Data security is big business in this global economy. From Indiana to Indonesia, hackers are targeting companies anywhere in the world. This is an even bigger issues since much of this data is stored on multiple devices, including tablets, laptops, smartphones and old school desk top computers. It doesn’t matter where your business resides. This is especially true for companies involved in e-commerce business, since much of this personal information is transmitted online for shopping transactions.

What Information Needs To Be Protected?

In a few words? All of it. This includes full names, birth dates, home addresses, all credit card or bank information, and most importantly Social Security numbers. With this information floating around, hackers or identity thieves can access it to use for their own benefit. Identity theft is a serious crime which can take a person years to find the culprit and untangle the financial mess a hacker leaves in their wake. You want your client’s information to be as safe from outsiders as possible. Nothing is 100 percent secure, but there are solutions that can get pretty close to absolute security.

The Solution Is Here

Sentree Systems is a full service Data security company that can solve your protection problems. We can implement the right software tools to make all your information much more secure, to minimize or eliminate data leakage. Certain firewalls and antivirus software are just two of the tools that we can utilize for your own business needs. Did you know that over 40 percent of data breaches happen to companies with less than 1000 employees? So no matter what the size of your business is, Data security is essential. We can evaluate any loopholes present in your stored data, so you can rest assure that it will be safe from getting into the wrong hands.


CEO, Author of the #1 Risk to Small Businesses

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