How Small Business Owners Can Save Money through Cloud Platforms

If you’re a small to mid-sized business owner, you know the importance of cutting your expenses. One area in which you can do this is investing in a Cloud Platform. Cloud platforms are often the most cost-effective option when compared to more conventional solutions. Here are just a few ways that cloud platforms can save you both time and money.

Cloud data security services concept. Safety data management specialist offer secured cloud computing data storage.
Cloud data security services concept. Safety data management specialist offer secured cloud computing data storage.

Cloud Private and Public Servers

Rather than maintaining expensive server equipment in your offices (and supporting the required IT infrastructure), you can move to a private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid of the two options. Cloud servers have a lower total cost when compared to owned, on-premise servers because they require no physical equipment and limited maintenance. Further, they can be upgraded at any time without additional upgrade fees; your business pays only for the resources that it consumes. Conventional on-premise servers will need to be upgraded to compensate for any significant business growth, which can be an extremely expensive process.

Cloud ERP and CRM Solutions

Cloud Enterprise Resource Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Project Management solutions have an incredible bonus — not only are they more affordable outright, but they also give a business the option of leveraging a global workforce. By moving core business components to the cloud, you free your business to outsource to affordable contract labor across the world. Even domestic companies can benefit, however, from a reduced cost of ownership. Cloud solutions tend to operate on a low monthly or annual fee and are often far more affordable than more conventional licensing contracts.

Cloud VoIP and Telecommunications Products

If your business relies upon telecommunications products, you may want to consider a move to the cloud. Cloud Voice-over-IP technology offers affordable voice and video calling that can be programmed and tailored to your business. Cloud VoIP and other telecommunications products allows for better calling quality and extensive call networks, which are flexible and scalable to your company’s needs.

Transitioning to the cloud is often easier than it seems. Most cloud solutions can be deployed very quickly, often with same day service — there is no need to install an infrastructure, so your business doesn’t need to do anything at all. Cloud technology allows a business to tap into a vast array of technical resources that would otherwise be out of their grasp, and thus cloud technology can improve upon a company’s IT infrastructure in a variety of ways.

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  1. Thank you for the article!
    Just a few years ago only big businesses were interested in cloud. Today the situation changes. Small business is that sector of economics that will be improved by cloud services as well as big one.

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