How Many Of Your Company Secrets Are On Employee’s Phones?

Written by Kevin MabryBusiness


These days, many small business employees are either at home, or working on the go from their phones…

It’s a “whatever works for you” world.

Which means personal devices and often a personal or unsecured public Internet server…while accessing your company data to keep things up and running.

You can’t prevent employees from using their own devices – but you should know who has access to what.

Where is your data? What is it being used for? Have your employees received critical security training for handling your client data securely?

Mobile phone computing is overtaking traditional laptop and desktop computing – check out the first part of this article.

Most companies have no idea where their data is and no policies specifically written to protect data stored on smartphones…a critical mistake!

The obvious solution? Use down time and normal employee meeting times to make sure you’re aware of the location of your assets: who has them, where they’re stored, who has access, and what your data is being used for.

BYOD is a normal part of life now. While it’s not going away and has created a lot of convenience, it also increases your risk – exponentially.

Stay informed…protect your data.


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