HIPAA Stats & Facts

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We couldn’t give them a call fun details, because there’s not really a great deal that you could label “fun” with regards to HIPAA, but we thought we’d check out a few of the statistics and details inside a summary fashion.

  • HIPAA, frequently incorrectly spelled HIPPA, means the Insurance Portability Accountability Act. This federal law started in 1996 to produce standards in, and also to safeguard, patient health information from being shared without their understanding.
  • The typical total price for any data breach based on a 2020 report is $3.86 million. Yes, MILLION. Curious exactly what a breach might cost your business? Take a look at our Breach Cost Calculator to obtain an estimate!
  • A minor breach happens when it impacts less than 500 individuals. 500 or even more is classed like a significant breach.
  • There’s a wall of shame for just about any significant breach around the Office for Civil Legal rights website. Unsurprisingly, it’s not really called the Wall of Shame, however, you certainly shouldn’t finish available online for.
  • The U.S. Condition like a country, and healthcare being an industry, hold the main positions for that greatest total price of the data breach. Yes, this means that an American-based healthcare business has got the odds stacked against them with regards to risk.
  • HIPAA helps to ensure that your identifiable health details are protected for half a century after your dying. Interesting, huh?
  • What’s considered an identifier of Protected Health Information (PHI)? You will find 18 identifiers including some unpredicted data much like your IP and vehicle identification number (VIN).  Still delivering faxes?  That telephone number can also be an identifier.
  • What’s it known as if you need to browse the government outline of HIPAA legislation? HIPAA-nosis that’s an unofficial term incidentally 😉

Hopefully, these details provide you with a a bit more understanding of HIPAA, breach costs, and items to avoid (like this wall of shame – no thanks).#HIPAASecurity


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