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Congratulations!! Your Exclusive Package is on It's Way!!

You Just Made the FIRST Step in ELIMINATING the Pressures of Mounting Federal Regulations on Your Practice!!

"Bad actors love our medical data because it holds so much value on the Dark Web."


Hello, my name is Kevin Mabry, CEO of Sentree Systems, Corp and author of The #1 Risk to Small Businesses....and How to Minimize it!

If you are a small medical practice in he Healthcare industry, I would like to say Congratulations on making the first step in learning why small practices are getting HAMMERED by the mounting federal regulations of HIPAA and how to gain the confidence you need to pass OCR Audits.

Did you know that over 40% of all Healthcare breaches are aimed at small practices and it takes them over 6 months to discover the breach? This is because small medical practices lack the resources and expertise to detect and respond to today's advanced threats.

The best way to defend against cyber-attacks is to understand the threats facing your practice and develop a strategy to minimize your risks.…and I believe you just took that first critical step by downloading this important resource to get started. 

The next step is to setup a really QUICK Call by clicking on the link below. Don't worry, this is just a chance to see if our ShieldMD Program is a good fit for your practice, don’t wait tomorrow could be too late.