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I'm sure you've heard all the stories in the NEWS about how small HEALTHCARE Practices are being attacked by cybercriminals and causing them to SHUTDOWN and pay Huge HIPAA Fines!! What, you haven't heard that? WELL let me tell you!!

In 2019 a small two-doctor medical practice in Michigan shut their doors due to a Ransomware attack. This attack deleted all patient files and demanded $6,500 to decrypt the files. These types of attacks are becoming more and more common, and the small practice is the one suffering. YOU NEED HELP!! This is not an IT issue; it is much BIGGER than that!

The healthcare industry is under attack by cyber criminals trying to exploit hard-working employees to gain access to high-value patient data. Through malicious emails and sophisticated means, cyber criminals are finding their way in with over 67% of healthcare breaches caused by negligence, according to the Oxford Academic Journal of Cybersecurity.

Are you confident YOUR practice is following ALL of the guidelines REQUIRED by HIPAA to MINIMIZE your risk of an OCR Audit?

IS Your TRUST in Your IT Provider to keep Your Practice Secured and Compliant with HIPAA misplaced? BIG MISTAKE!

Do you FEEL like You and your staff are in over Your HEADS trying to KEEP up with the Latest HIPAA Requirements?

How would you like a Hassle-Free WAY to get back valuable time to YOU and your staff by taking control of your HIPAA Compliance

Let Us Help You by:

  • Saving you time spent on researching current HIPAA regulations
  • Removing the need for you to buying those ridiculous and EXPENSIVE policy templates
  • Providing Your staff with quick and easy HIPAA support
  • Saving your practice money and time on HIPAA and Security training requirements
  • Minimizing the impact of security breaches, such as Ransomware & unauthorized accesses
  • Removing uncertainty and allow staff and Drs. to spend more time on patient care
  • Providing Insurance coverage for HIPAA penalties & fines, Ransomware payments, & more!


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