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Healthcare Systems


Healthcare organizations more and more require high end systems to provide doctors the data required to make rapid and accurate diagnoses. Digital patient records and medical imaging drive bandwidth greater as insurance providers and legislators still pressure healthcare providers to lessen costs. Data network solutions from NHR enable healthcare organizations to provide greater quality, readily available, and much more economical choose to meet their clinical and business objectives.

Expanding & Upgrading Systems on a tight budget – Modern healthcare uses burgeoning way to obtain digital diagnostic images. Ultrasounds, X-sun rays, PET scans and MRIs rapidly grow to many mega-bytes per record and bog lower network traffic. Pre-owned networking equipment from NHR enables health systems to construct the condition-of-the-art architecture they require without draining sources.

Regulatory Compliance – It’s imperative for Healthcare IT professionals to conform with HIPAA along with other government privacy rules while using the latest e-health technologies and looking after a high-notch security program under tight financial constraints. Security and integrity of patient records needs a robust network, and NHR places world-class technology inside the budget.

Downtime No Choice for Critical Systems – Medical professionals command real-time use of digitized patient information from the location, night or day. With lives at risk, network downtime isn’t an option. Substantial discounts on pre-owned equipment from NHR make redundant configurations an economic possibility. Onsite sparing strategies provide the epitome of immediate recovery. NetSure maintenance provides 24×7 support and then-day hardware substitute at a small fraction of manufacturer maintenance costs. These affordable solutions are perfect for protecting distribution or access level equipment – keeping every hospital and each physician connected.

Collaboration – Getting a higher-performance core facilitates multi-niche or multi-radiologist collaboration therefore the right individuals are associated with patient information to be able to enhance the time-to-treatment ratio and also to facilitate accessibility right specialists. And just what about online patient collaboration? Forward thinking health systems are exploring Telecare mixers allows patients to make use of online monitoring systems to upload data for their medical records. NHR’s expertise and cost-effective solutions help healthcare organizations innovate their systems and add new information sources.



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