First stage to Planning a Migrations is “Discovery”



The first step for customers is to discover and catalog all of the software and workloads they are

running on Windows Server 2003/R2. Many customers will not know what they currently have

running on Windows Server 2003/R2. A thorough discovery process is essential because customers

cannot address the problem if they do not know what the problem is.

There are several self-service tools that can help with the discovery process. For example, the

Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit (

library/bb977556.aspx) is a free downloadable tool that provides customers with a secure,

agentless, and network-wide inventory. It can scale from small businesses to large enterprises.

Customers can use the MAP Toolkit to collect and organize system-wide information from a single,

networked computer.

Third-party discovery products are also available for purchase, including Dell ChangeBASE and

Lakeside Software SysTrack. System integrators also offer services for the discovery phase.

Microsoft Services offers JumpStart for Windows Server 2003, and other Microsoft partner service

providers have similar offerings.


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