Here are a list of question you may have about how we conduct our business


Why should I pay this much for Data Security when my antivirus was FREE?

A few of the  problems with FREE antiviruses are: 1)  they do not keep up with the latest virus which makes your system vulnerable 2) most antiviruses are only “Antiviruses” and they don’t protect you from other threats out there like “Malware” and 3) in the long run they can cost you more with legal fees and fines if your data is breached. -PC World reports: An Average of 82,000 new malware threats per day in 2013. With this many threats around do you really want to take your chances on FREE antiviruses?


Why should I pay a monthly fee to use your services, when things are fine the way they are?

There are many unforeseen challenges lurking in a computer network, and most of them will not show up until it is too late. This is why our services are needed, to bring unforeseen issues to light and to eliminate or diminish the possibility for them becoming BIG problems.

I do not want to change the way we have been doing business, what are my guarantees we will not lose any productivity?

There is a natural fear of change, but truthfully we do not fear change we fear the possibility of our lives being diminished in any way. Example, if we tell you we are going to update your network and in the end your network was faster and you increased productivity which increased revenues, you would be very gratified. Now if the opposite happened and you lost all of your data then you would lose sleep and possibly lose your business. Our approach to projects is details, details. We plan and test before changes are made as well as we do not completely remove the original data, for up to a year after the new system is up and running.

How do I know you really have the necessary experience to do this?

We have the same credentials that other IT specialist have but this doesn’t promote trust. To see what other local small business owners are saying about our services, visit our testimonials page to see why our client trust us.  Our Clients Say it Best