Cybersecurity Resources for Healthcare

Cybersecurity Resources for Healthcare

Lately The HHS Office for Civil Legal rights (OCR) shared an extensive listing of sources for just about any HIPAA-controlled entity to enable them to within the prevention, recognition, and minimization of information breaches of protected health information which occurs due to hacking or ransomware.

Like a covered entity or business affiliate under HIPAA compliance, a panic attack in your business may expose unsecured protected health information (PHI).  Underneath the HIPAA Breach Notification Rule, you will find reporting needs that you need to stick to.

HIPAA Secure Now can assist you to mitigate the increasing chance of a cybersecurity breach, in addition to maintain HIPAA compliance.  Unsure if you are covered? We can assist you to uncover any gaps inside your business structure.

This contains briefs that outline individual threats at length.

HHS Health Sector Cybersecurity Coordination Center Threat Briefs

An overview page are available here

o    January 28, 2021 &#8211 ATTACK for Emotet

o    March 12, 2021 &#8211 New Ryuk Variant Analyst Note

o    April 8, 2021 &#8211 Ryuk Variants

o    May 25, 2021 &#8211 Conti Ransomware Analyst Note

o    June 3, 2021 &#8211 Ransomware Trends 2021

o    July 8, 2021 &#8211 Conti Ransomware

o    July 8, 2021 &#8211 Phobos Ransomware Analyst Note

o    August 5, 2021 &#8211 Qbot/QakBot Ransomware

o    August 6, 2021 &#8211 Lazio Ransomware Attack Analyst Note

o    August 19, 2021 &#8211 REvil Update

o    August 24, 2021 &#8211 OnePercent Group Ransomware Alert

o    August 25, 2021 &#8211 IOCs Connected with Hive Ransomware Alert

o    September 2, 2021 &#8211 Demystifying BlackMatter

HHS Sources on Section 405(d) from the Cybersecurity Act of 2015:

  • Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices: Managing Threats and Protecting Patients https://world wide
  • Cybersecurity Reports and Tools https://world wide

OCR Guidance:

  • Ransomware https://world wide
  • Cybersecurity

https://world wide

  • Risk Analysis

https://world wide


HHS Security Risk Assessment Tool:

  • https://world wide


CISA Protecting Sensitive and private Information from Ransomware-Caused Data Breaches:

  • https://world wide
  • https://world wide


CISA Ransomware Guide:

  • https://world wide


FBI Ransomware Sources:

  • https://world wide
  • https://world wide


OCR Cybersecurity Newsletters:

  • Creating a List and Checking it Two times: HIPAA also it Asset Inventories (Summer time 2020 Cybersecurity e-newsletter): https://world wide time-2020/index.html
  • What Went Down to My Data?: Update on Stopping, Mitigating and Answering Ransomware (Fall 2019 Cybersecurity E-newsletter):https://world wide
  • Phishing (Feb 2018 Cybersecurity E-newsletter): https://world wide
  • Plan A… B… Contingency Plan! (March 2018 Cybersecurity E-newsletter): https://world wide
  • Cybersecurity Occurrences will happen… Make sure to Plan, Respond, and Report! (May 2017 Cybersecurity e-newsletter): https://world wide

For additional info on our HIPAA compliance and cybersecurity programs, click here.

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