Computer Forensics Software: The Tools of the Trade

´╗┐Computer Forensics Software: The Tools of the Trade

Cyber crimes are becoming more and more widespread nowadays. Internet provides access to the World Wide Web, but online anyone can be anything. Computers are also used widespread from households to financial institutions. This forces criminals to adapt to new technologies and to keep up with the times.

Computer forensic analysts have become in demand to keep up with the cyber crime rates. In turn, computer forensic software are enhanced and updated to keep up with these criminal acts.

Unfortunately hiring a computer forensic analyst can be expensive. Apart from law enforcement agencies there are also private organizations that are willing to do the job for you. Other work independently and charge by the hour for their work. Fortunately there are ways that you can do your own investigation before resorting for professional help.

Do it yourself

Not all of us are well informed on computer systems and the science behind these machines. Most people who do not have a degree or work related to computer forensics only know the basics. We know how to use the computer for sending instant messages, surfing the internet, sending emails and run some applications. However not all of us are know the technical aspect of the hardware. Fortunately there is a way we can try and find out what’s going on.

Computer forensic analysts are able to make an exact duplicate of a hard drive. They analyze the contents of the copy to know if the computer has been used for illegal activities or criminal acts. They can also trace emails and instant messages. They have their own toolkits and programs to help them do this job. This is why you have to hire them because they have the tools.

Fortunately there are available computer forensic software programs that can help you. Software companies are creating programs that enable an individual to detect cyber crimes. WetStone and AccessData are some of the companies who are developing software programs that generate forensic responses.

WetStone is a company that addresses stenography. This is process that encrypts and embeds data on the email attachment. X-way forensics provides software solution that has a broad range of forensic features.

Many more software programs are being developed to cope up with the rise and advancement of cyber crimes. There are various toolkits that can you. These toolkits have the ability to duplicate hard drives and analyze data. If you have knowledge in security technologies you can install these software programs to help you.

This also prevents future cyber crimes from being committed in the future. This is applicable to companies who want to prevent security breaches in their network. Security administrators and auditors can install this software to help them when needed.

If the software is not enough this is the time that you can hire a computer forensic analyst. Unfortunately if you do not have any knowledge in security technologies it is best to hire a professional. Electronic evidence should comply with the standards of the court. If the evidence is tampered it will inadmissible in the court of law.

Dealing with electronic data can be complicated. For the average person being cautious when dealing with people online, especially with money, is important. Prevention is always better than cure. Fortunately continuing developments will enable us to combat crime.


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