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HIPAA compliance doesn’t care if you’re a small business or a non-profit.  This isn’t said in a disrespectful manner to the laws that govern the policies, but to make you aware that your business status, or identifying structure won’t allow you to be overlooked.

Hefty Fine Imposed

Recently the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services imposed a $2,154,000 penalty against Jackson Health System (JHS) for HIPAA violations.


This nonprofit academic medical system operates 6 major hospitals, a network of urgent, primary, and specialty care centers, long-term nursing facilities, and corrections health services clinics.  Those facilities provide care for 650,000 patients on an annual basis and employ over 12,000 people.



The Breaches

JHS submitted the breach report in August of 2013.  In it, they stated that in January of that same year, they had lost paper records which contained the private health information (PHI) of over 700 patients.  An additional loss of patient records from December 2012 was not reported until June of 2016.  Additionally, an investigation was launched in July of 2015 when two employees accessed a patient’s electronic medical record inappropriately, and that patient’s photo was shared by a reporter.  The image contained the patient’s medical information on an operating screen and was shared on social media.

A Compliance Program in Disarray

Add to all of this, that in February of 2016 JHS reported that one employee had been selling PHI.  JHS reported that this employee had accessed over 24,000 patient records since 2011.

12,000 employees mean a lot of monitoring for any company, so a strong HIPAA compliance program isn’t just a necessity, it’s a critical part of this business keeping its doors open.  The OCR investigation found that their HIPAA compliance program had been “in disarray for a number of years” and that the “hospital’s system compliance failed to detect and stop an employee who stole and sold thousands of patient records; lost patient files without notifying OCR as required by law; and failed to properly secure PHI that was leaked to the media.”

A strong HIPAA compliance program needs to be a part of your business from start to finish.  Are you prepared to be accountable for the actions of your employees?

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Antispyware Or Spy ware?


Spy ware is just about the most prominent computer security problem. How can you select a good spy ware removal tool? Watch out for antispyware software which installs spy ware/malware for your computer.

Spy ware is really a hidden computer software. It’s frequently accustomed to monitor the browsing and shopping habits laptop or computer users. Spy ware is yet another handheld remote control program that steals private banking and private information.

Spy ware has rapidly end up being the most prominent internet security software problem. Based on the National Cyber Security Alliance, spy ware infects greater than 90% of home Computers. Recent survey implies that spy ware can also be sneaking in to the network of corporate computers.

Spy ware is frequently along with free downloads, for example free music, game and software downloads. Spy ware may slow lower computer, hijack homepage and make out of control pop-up advertisements. Some spy ware programs usually stays undetected, secretly gathering information in the computer. Once installed, spy ware is tough to get rid of without the assistance of dedicated antispyware software.

Because of the rise of spy ware activity, antispyware programs have been in great demand nowadays. But they are these spy ware removal tools exactly the same? Will they supply the security consumers need?

There are lots of reports that some antispyware programs installed their very own spy ware and malware to the pc. One consumer was quoted saying: “It’s a rip-off. I downloaded the disposable trial of the antispyware program, only to discover it added its very own malware to my computer.” Other consumers have complained the antispyware program they will use cannot identify all spy ware programs. Incidents where slow lower the pc and make pop-up advertisements.

There’s a couple of good antispyware programs on the market today. However, a large number of spy ware removal programs are blacklisted by consumers. Watch out for spy ware removal tools which are heavily promoted by e-mail campaigns. Never run any free downloads and free scans from unknown software publishers. Their programs might as well be spy ware programs themselves. Read independent product critiques from famous computer magazines or trustworthy sources. Spending some additional time in research can help you save lots of hassles over time.


When it’s YOU in the Review

Making dinner plans?  Check online for reviews before you spend your money dining out.  Ready to book a vacation?  You’re definitely making sure the pool is as big as they say it is.

How about when it comes to personal care?  Do you check online to see if a medical facility is up to par?

A lot of people do.  Between neighborhood chat groups and online review sites, the information is there for the taking.   So, what happens when it is your business that is affected by a negative review?  You would likely want to respond and perhaps give your side of the story or work to remedy the situation with the consumer.  This seems like a good way to deal with any negative press or feedback.

Unless you’re under HIPAA jurisdiction and requirements.

Recently a dental practice in Dallas, Texas found out the hard way that responding to an online review put them in violation of HIPAA and cost them $10,000 in fines – plus a multitude of other actionable items.

The fine came after a patient found their full name and medical information (among other details) had been disclosed on the Elite Dental Associates Yelp review page. This led to an investigation by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) which then led to uncovering additional violations in their policies and procedures of HIPAA compliance in accordance with its social media practices.

Social Distortion

Social media is a valuable asset to any business, but just because it is “free” and not monitored by any one entity, for the most part, doesn’t mean it can be overlooked as being a responsibility of the business.  HIPAA was enacted before platforms like Facebook were around, but there are rules in place that apply despite that timing.

Above all, and as is true with nearly all HIPAA regulations, never disclose patient health information (PHI) on social media channels or networks. If a patient is visible in any image or video, they must provide – in writing, their consent to use that media.  The purpose for which that media is to be used must also be explicitly defined in the consent.

Social media can be used for posting health tips, event details, research news, marketing messages that exclude any PHI, and to present staff bios.

As with all HIPAA compliance, you must remember that no one is excluded from regulation or judgment.  This was a small privately-owned practice.  Not only were they affected monetarily with a fine, but they must also now bring their policies and procedures up to par.

HIPAA standards are not created based on visibility or on the size of a healthcare organization, therefore you must rise to meet the standard, not expect to be overlooked when you don’t. Ensure your organization has a social media policy in place that clearly lays out what is acceptable on social and that employees are trained on the policy.

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Web Conference Security Tips


Web conference has changed from the mere delivering and receiving data via internet to some sophisticated online communication tool where everybody will find it as being real like a typical office meeting setup. Web conference gives participants the liberty of communicating, positively interacting and discussing data without entering logistical and financial complications.

But as with every other online activities, web conference is vulnerable to online hackers an internet-based crooks. Otherwise correctly guaranteed, an internet conference might be in danger and could put your private info on both your hands of unauthorized individuals.

Security breach happens. That’s an undeniable fact that ought to be worked by those who are doing companies or exchanging vital business information through web conference. Thus, regardless of what kind of web conference system you use, security ought to be your primary priority.


To safeguard your trade secrets, earnings projections, worker information, product understanding along with the people and conversation throughout a web conference, listed here are the safety measures that you can do:


• Obtain a web conference system from the trustworthy vendor.

Operating a business that needs online conferences and presentations to switch vital information shouldn’t be completed with free and downloadable web conference tool. Since trustworthy vendors sell web conference systems which are both guaranteed and reliable, you can rest assured that conversations and private information are stored within her. Be aware from the 3 security measures you need to search for:

1. File encryption with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) limits the information readable simply to the intended persons.

2. Non-persistent data flow continuously transfers your computer data in one host computer to a different to avoid online hackers from discovering and being able to access your most significant files.

3. Invasion control instantly detects and shuts lower unauthorized user from being able to access the body.


They are standard features which are set through the Internet Engineering Task Pressure (IETF) and therefore are adopted through the website hosting companies and manufacturers.


While web conference hosting companies or software may cost a little, the advantages, savings and reassurance exceed anywhere of investment you’ve made.


• Provide the information simply to concerned individuals

Carefully send web conference notice to intended participants through email.. Access codes must only get towards the participants. You will find stuff that must only be discussed inside a group, do not let others to interfere for your conversation by providing them use of your internet conference.


• Be careful from the uninvited participants throughout the conference.

As being a typical meeting, you remove unauthorized persons that go into the room. Make certain that you simply maintain vigilance around the movement from the participants specially the uninvited entrants. (Many vendors include this selection for their products. Make sure to check up on it.)


• Erase data around the storage following the web conference.

Security doesn’t finish following the meeting. Make certain that the provider deletes all of your submitted data from the server.


• Assign the amount of information use of every participant.

Some participants do not need to know everything. Even one of the participants, give info on a have to know basis.

You will find 3 some things in existence: dying, taxes and online hackers. The very first two can’t be prevented the second could be worked by ensuring you’re correctly protected. Keep these pointers in your mind so that you can help you stay, your customers, business and employees protected.

HIPAA Enforcement is Happening

Enforcement is in action.  That’s what Bayfront Health-St. Petersburg recently learned when they agreed to pay $85,000 in penalties to the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) Office of Civil Rights for a potential violation of the HIPAA right to access provision.

This is the first enforcement by the OCR since the announcement of their initiative earlier this year.  Officials vowed that the right of the patients to receive access to their records was going to be strictly enforced and that this had to be achieved in a timely fashion without being overcharged.

MedRxiv announced earlier this year (in August) that more than 50% of providers failed to comply with this provision of HIPAA based on a study that they had conducted.

The penalty against Bayfront was a result of a complaint filed by a patient when she had to wait 9 months to receive fetal heart monitor records for her unborn child.  The request had been filed in October of 2017.

The Rules

So, what are the HIPAA guidelines for this?  A patient must be given the requested records within 30 days and only charged a reasonable fee if necessary.  The regulations are also applicable when parents are requesting on behalf of their minor children.

Since Bayfront did not comply with this request in a timely fashion, they are now paying for it with a monetary fine, as well as with other expenses to the business, like damage to their reputation.  A corrective action plan must be created, which includes development, maintenance, and revision of policies and procedures to comply with the HIPAA rule, and they will need to assign (and possibly hire) one or more individuals who will oversee this.  Employees need to be trained and then acknowledge their compliance.  These policies must also be updated annually.

And all of this needs to happen within 60 days to HHS, with subsequent distribution to their workforce and business associates within 30 days of approval by HHS.

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Security using todays technology


There are lots of things in existence which are worth protecting. Our kids, our belongings, our sources not to mention, ourselves. Only two decades ago, if security was pointed out, you had been talking about protecting your house. And also you were probably discussing an alarm system, monitoring, watchdogs, firearms and cameras.

Using the explosion from the pc, and also the internet’s convenience to information, security has adopted additional roles. With more than 605 million people online at a moment worldwide, crooks aren’t bound by geographic location. Today’s cyber criminal can hack straight from his home simply by getting online.

You will find software packages that just scan the web for united nations-secure ports and open systems to enable them to enter individuals unprotected machines to gain access to information. There are lots of users who know little about internet security software and depend on their own ISP to supply it on their behalf.

To appear much deeper into this subject, let’s check out the characteristics which make security both similar and various. Together with your home, you’ve got a physical area that you could safeguard with fire and motion sensors, cameras, glass-break detectors and decals strategically placed to discourage would-be thieves. For the computer, you safeguard an online space usually that contains sensitive information highly relevant to your individual finances or key id theft products for example family names and social security figures. To safeguard these sources, you have to install software (anti-virus, port scanners, Trojan viruses hunting software, firewalls) as you degree of protection. You may also add another layer of security via a hardware firewall of connectivity back and forth from the web or network.

Both security alarm and computer security have maintenance costs connected together. Reliable security alarm will often contain a 1-time fee to set up the hardware in your house, after which a contract to possess 24-hour monitoring service for any given period of time. Computer security will contain purchasing the software after which whether monthly or yearly subscription fee to get the most recent information and defense against internet threats.

One difference backward and forward would be the ways of monitoring. While computer security is just responsive as the computer is active or online, security alarm monitoring is responsive whatsoever occasions provided the machine is correctly armed.

Another distinction may be the approach to response. Home based security, an individual will respond by dispatching police, fire or EMS directly to your house or internet site. On the computer, the fact is once the software vendor becomes conscious of the issue, results in a solution, and it has an update readily available for download.

Using the advances of technology, monthly charges for security alarm monitoring are cost effective for the service they offer. Be cautioned: not every monitoring companies have a similar abilities with regards to quick response. That’s one good reason why it’s smart to make certain that any security company you select includes a UL certification. This is often critical because it signifies the security company has met stringent standards for management system compliance (like a support power source).

Exactly the same methodology should choose a burglar software provider. Simply because they are saying they’re the very best, doesn’t mean that they’re. Research may be the user’s responsibility. Your data is simply too valuable to become taken gently.

Both security alarm and cyber security act like getting insurance. It is, however, you we do hope you will never need it. And should you choose require it, you’ll need a company or vendor which has a good reputation for things to look for.

You will find individuals individuals who believe that getting a gun is they require for defense. That can be a may hold true in certain form, a gun won’t tell you if someone is attempting to go in your house with the mystery as you sleep and inform you or even the government bodies. Another common perception is the fact that a watchdog will alert a house owner to invasion, however, man’s closest friend sleeps ten to twelve hrs each day and can’t inform law enforcement.

There are several people who use computers who claim they can identify the herpes virus through the email that’s sent with a few apparent taglines intended for the consumer to spread out and infect the device.

Not every infections have been in emails, although that’s the most typical form. They may also be submitted to some website, or baked into Java Applets or Active X controls.

Trojans, which could log all the users keystrokes and sites visited, are secretly downloaded by means of free games reely software, and therefore are undetectable by anti-virus software. This is actually the preferred approach to attack with a hacker on the machine. By not altering the performance of the machine (just like a virus or earthworm does), the consumer blissfully is constantly on the use their machine to create online purchases, and enter sensitive information, thinking they’re secure, as the Trojan viruses secretly records all the information and can simply send all the user’s information at designated times towards the hacker.

Many occasions a choice about safety measures for your house or computer is dependant on budgetary constraints. But always consider just what you’re protecting and just how much you’d pay to obtain back whatever was stolen, lost or destroyed if the unfortunate event happened inside your existence.

Your Network Security Breached? Employ a Computer Forensic Expert


We frequently see Hollywood movies while using term “hack” into extremes. Most frequently in crime and action thrillers it will get virtually blamed for anything. It might make others paranoid in making use of their computers but professionals know that many of them are impossible.

Company proprietors are extremely positive about their home security systems. Regrettably most offenders would be the employees themselves. Who are able to better result in a breach of security apart from somebody that knows the concerning the company’s network.

Once this case arises, you are able to choose to employ a forensic expert.

Before you decide to require a computer forensic expert or company where do you turn? You may also play a role in ensuring the problem is going to be addressed correctly. Its common understanding that when is tampered or broken it will likely be inadmissible in the courtroom of law. Prior to the analysis commences you can assist make certain that there’s evidence within the computer.


How to proceed inside a computer crime scene

First you need to make certain the computer involved sits dormant. Leave the pc system the actual way it is either off or on. When the computer is switched served by the conventional shutdown mode, data could be lost. Turning it however changes the slack file space, temporary files and caches. This will cause the information to get altered. When the evidence is anyway tampered it will likely be recognized in the courtroom of law.

Don’t send your IT personnel to handle matter. They might be able to collect data but they don’t have understanding in evidence techniques. They might be able to collect data however this may also alter the information at hands.

Computer forensics don’t simply collect data they also preserve and completely check out the computer and it is contents while following standard legal measures in handling evidence. Any evidence must adhere to the factors from the law in order that it is going to be recognized in the court.

If you have the information but you’re unsure whether it does contain evidence you are able to call a pc forensic expert or company. Some companies provide a quick analysis to understand when the computer has indeed been employed for a criminal act. They are able to collect the information on-site while some need you to ship the hard disk for them.

The hard disk could be obtained by an IT worker, place in an antistatic bag, recorded safely, bubble wrapped, put into a box then shipped. You might want to call the organization first before you decide to ship them.

Letting your IT personnel create a preliminary analysis can change the information. If there’s evidence based in the stated computer it was already tampered with and can’t be utilized in the courtroom. Computer forensic experts are generally been trained in the technical matters information technology and standard legal procedures needed in the court.

Computer forensic experts hire on an hourly basis and also the total costs is determined by the character of the situation. After collecting and analyzing the stated data, the analyst creates a report. They may also be used as expert witnesses whether it results in a litigation and prosecution.

You need to think first completely concerning the situation rather estimating future costs. Hiring outdoors experts is significantly under the interior costs which will brought on by the issue.

3 Secrets Of Securing Your Website


All of us hope it will not arise in our lives. We keep our typing fingers entered. Only one day, it’ll. Site proprietors who’ve been conducting business online for many period of time understand all the trouble one hacker may cause. When a hacker gains use of an internet site they are able to perform a devastating quantity of harm to a recognised business. It’s because of this that many online companies employ a group of Site security specialists to make certain this never happens. Be it individuals who just accidentally joined a forbidden a part of an internet site or individuals who hack right into a system deliberately, the aim would be to prevent it before it takes place. Listed here are three things you can do.


Use Digital Certificates

Any site that does online businesses should use digital certificates. This can help to safeguard sensitive data when passed utilizing a form. This might include everything from person’s ssn, charge card information, to their address and phone figures. It’s important for Site proprietors so that you can assure their customers their Site is safe. An electronic certificate goes a lengthy way towards allowing clients to believe a company is legitimate and trust sensitive information into it.

It’s, however, vital that you be cautious when purchasing an electronic certificate. It is essential not to obtain one that’s outdated or that has been sabotaged with a hacker.


Keep Security Regularly Updated

Probably the most important security procedures include techniques to make certain an internet site’s forbidden pages are inaccessible to anybody who lacks authority to see them. Including tracking that person’s IP and recording it. This helps safeguard Site proprietors from people attempting to unlawfully access, download, or affect the Site’s files. Like a last measure it will help government bodies find where an offender lives and, if required, whom to charge having a crime.

As crooks constantly devise new methods to circumvent modern security, security procedures are continually being updated to make sure that the most recent version includes protection against these new security threats and risks. It’s the Site owner’s duty to make certain the security expires-to-date. This will make the correction of these problems, when they arise, simpler.

An internet site owner also needs to regularly alter the Site’s administrator password, observing all of the good sense rules regarding password creation. Although a lot of don’t take this task, simply taking precaution might help prevent a pricey breach from occurring.


Monitor Online Activities

It’s incredibly important for an internet site owner to watch all their online activities. Many Site proprietors have unwittingly caught a trojan by installing something or hitting an internet URL link while browsing the web. These types of mistakes are typical and could be prevented simply by taking reasonable measures to supply to safeguard their computers.

Email from visitors ought to be treated suspiciously, especially if an attachment is incorporated. Frequently these attachments possess a Trojan viruses, virus, or any other malware packaged included which will burst free once the attachment is downloaded. Although most new computer security products know about these infections, a brandname-new virus usually stays undetected until it’s discovered by security experts who then update their protective software to counter the brand new threat.

For who owns an internet site, every virus and illegal access that’s avoided on their own pc represents lots of money saved. Possibly greater than most other people, Site proprietors obtain money’s worth when purchasing security products. An internet site owner can lose their Site and all sorts of their earnings from one breach with a single hacker, even when that breach is on their own home PC in the event that computer has been utilized to gain access to restricted regions of their Site. The reassurance a couple of security software purchases may bring tend to be more than well worth the cost in dollars. Recall the old adage: cent wise and pound foolish? This could affect building a site in the current more and more fraught atmosphere. Are you currently being pound foolish?


Dating Goes Cyber And It Is Big Business


Popular and innovative, online dating services have innovated the field of romance. High in recognition list, internet dating is very large business. It’s a One Dollar billion industry that’s thriving since it provides affordable choices to a large number of singles. The forecasted growth each year is placed at 9% with revenues of $516 million coming just from consumer subscriptions.

Based on Hitwise an industry research firm, internet dating is very popular and not going anywhere soon. Actually internet dating frequently makes up about 1%of internet usage. The company has moved with need. Very popular are niche websites that concentrate on religion, ethnicity, or special interests.

Many sites promote social media and provide music, games, interactive content and much more. This attracts youngsters aged 18-24. There’s no pressure up to now or look for a relationship although you are invited to create a friendship created on the website into something much deeper.

Very professional, online dating services offer some extent of security, safeguard your privacy, offer suggestions about possible matches, show you regarding how to navigate the website, and provide exiting such things as online discussion groups, cyber messaging with virtual bouquets, and make contact with calls. The move now expected is by using technology for connecting people through SMS, mobiles and 3G services.

The idea caught on like wildfire because individuals would busy to locate time for you to date, shy to approach other people, and cautious about meeting alone. With internet dating an individual can login in the security of his very own office or home. It’s possible to meet as numerous singles as she or he really wants to in one session. The expense tend to be less than a weight date and you can get to understand an individual before meeting them. Since online profiles list preferences photos you’ll be able to select. An individual can steer clear of the clumsiness of meeting in person and discovering the date is simply not right.

Also you are able to date from the corner of the world out on another need to be within the same town to go into touch. But because ever present are pros and cons to internet dating.

To sustain revenues, the company is searching towards being easy to use generating revenues from romance related advertisements for example getaways, make overs and so forth, and achieving more friendship oriented instead of purely romance oriented. Sites are providing greater consumer protection and incorporating many news methods to get in touch like videos, SMS, MMS, and television based services. Many even go that step further and organize singles occasions.

You will find over 2500 active online dating services with large continuously growing memberships. Although a lot of experts have the internet dating market is at risk of a plateau others predict diversification and great imaginative business modules.

Regardless of the conjecture online dating services fulfill a necessity that other commerce sites don’t. They promote romance then sell dreams.


Identity Thievery Programs Enable You To Defend Yourself From Id Theft


Because of the rise of id theft occurrences being reported yearly, many organizations are applying their very own id theft programs to supply citizens education to battle this spiteful crime. Since being a victim of id theft could be a existence-altering experience, both emotionally and financially, understanding how to prevent the appearance of this crime through id theft programs will help you as well as your families live an ordinary and happy existence without another person meddling with your own personal information.

Even though the government has worked night and day to battle id theft, busting these crooks might take many years, or sometimes, they even live their very own lives without having to be caught. Because of this, different private and public banking institutions with id theft programs, like the Federal Trade Commission’s “AvoID Thievery: Deter, Identify, Defend”, are educating individuals to avoid id theft while giving help individuals who’ve victimized.


FTC’s National Id Theft Program

Because the U . s . States has got the greatest rate of id theft compared abroad, the Federal trade commission has worked fulltime to distribute on the internet and print informational materials to make sure all consumers know about this crime. With more than 20 million copies from the information guide distributed, the Federal trade commission id theft program is reaching one household at any given time to lessen the appearance of id theft in the united states.

Private organization which help consumers fight id theft will also be while using Federal trade commission id theft program to empower citizens in protecting themselves from the damages brought on by this crime. The “Deter, Identify and Defend” Program educates people and links with other organizations both in public and private sectors including police force agencies, consumer groups, federal agencies along with other trade associations to provide consumers choices on where to inquire about help.

The Federal trade commission id theft program releases an informational package for those organizations fighting id theft which include a how-to guide with instructions on educating customers to aid organizations facilitate outreach programs. Additionally, it features a sales brochure these organizations can certainly reproduce to provide to individuals who attend workshops and education sessions. To capture the amount of damage id theft may cause an individual’s existence, a ten-minute video of victims can also be incorporated within the program to describe to individuals how you can fight this crime.

While using Federal trade commission id theft program might help other organizations hold workshops and distribute educational materials about fighting id theft. Since education may be the only answer to staying away from this crime, consumers is now able to aware regarding how to identify these complaints and take immediate actions when they be a victim of id theft.


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