Businesses of All Sizes Need to Protect their Data

Data security is a viable part of protecting the operations of any business. Think of this analogy. Even if you own a one-bedroom/one-bath home, which is the first home you ever purchased, this does not mean you be lackadaisical about home security. Having an alarm system with solid locks for windows and doors is just as important for your home as these things are in a luxury mansion.

Some might even say since your first home probably represents the biggest investment you have made so far in your life, it needs more protection than the luxury mansion owned by a wealthy family that already owns many other homes. The same logic applies to your business.

IT Security for All

It used to be that IT security was so expensive that only the larger businesses could afford it. Granted, even now, large businesses spend enormous amounts of money on data security efforts because protecting the data from security breaches is so important. However, just because a small business has a modest budget for IT services, this is no excuse for not having a service contract with a high-caliber security firm that specializes in IT data protection.

There are economies of scale that help keep the cost of IT protection modest when using a skilled firm. The security specialists concentrate on data protection. That is what they do best. They think about this 24/7 non-stop on behalf of their clients. Things that they notice affecting other small business clients are applicable for almost every customer they help.


Just because a business is small does not mean that IT security should be inadequate. Being a small business is not an excuse for having poor IT security policies. The cost for failed security measures can be the loss of the entire business. It is very unwise to risk this.

The key to success is NOT to rely only on in-house staff that does not have the time, energy, experience, and expertise to provide state-of-the-art IT security. Instead, outsource these tasks to a company like Sentree Systems and think of the investment as being similar to having a business insurance policy.


CEO, Author of the #1 Risk to Small Businesses

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