4 Reasons Most SOLO or Small Businesses Do Not Have a Budget for IT services

What exactly is IT support/services, and how does it relate to my business? Thanks to shows like “Saturday Night Live”, when you think of an IT department you think of a bunch of geeky guys running around yelling at you every time you have a problem with your computer. That’s a funny skit, but it’s not really true to life. IT in itself is just “information technology” and depending on the size and scope of your business you will need someone that really understands IT in various degrees. In this rapidly changing world where technology is always changing, it’s a good idea to have a budget to support the computer network for your business no matter the size. Small businesses can be defined as having less than 500 employees, while micro businesses having 1-4 employees or no employees at all. Obviously if you are the sole entity of your business, you are a micro or solo company, and this document is for you.

Listed below are some of the reasons why SOLO/Small offices neglect budgeting for IT support/services.


1. The cost for IT support is too high

You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a full time IT support staff person. Instead you can hire an outside IT professional on a consultant basis, and have them only when you absolutely need them.

2. My company is too small, we don’t need a budget for IT services

Even if your entire company is just you, you still will benefit from having an IT professional keeping you system/ network secured and up to date so you don’t have to worry about it. Once again, having an IT service provider who comes in to help you on a consulting basis is a plus. Let’s say you believe you have a virus that is slowing down your computer/network. Hiring an IT person who specializes in Cyber Security/Network Security that can analyze your system, remove any viruses and lock down your system is key to running a creditable business and a huge asset.

3. I take care of my network/computer myself

You might have the abilities to handle most of your network system needs, but an IT professional has years of specialized schooling and certifications in all areas of IT. Today’s computer network systems can be very complex, and although you may have a good handle on your own IT situation there are many things that can be missed and fall by the waste side. Example: in cases with “zero-day” vulnerability exploits, hackers where in company networks for an average of 312 days before they were even noticed. That’s why sometimes it takes more than just doing it yourself, sometimes it takes a team.

4. Our computers are running fine, we don’t need support

Computers will always have needs. Problems are a natural part of technology. They need software patching and updating, they need to have the proper firewalls and protections, and sometimes they need a total overhaul at least every three years to prevent hardware crashes. Computers aren’t foolproof, and from time to time they are going to need a little work from a true IT professional.


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