Warning – You Have Been DataMined!

Warning – You’ve Been DataMined!



It impacts vast sums people every day when we’re blissfully not aware.

Today’s high-tech world is drowning in data but is starved for understanding. Data mining is the quest for significant patterns and trends. It is also been known as poor people stepchild to statistcial analysis.

To provide you with a good example you want to target to purchase food and also you make use of your store card for discounts and fast checkout. It provide the store an eye on how frequently you shop, what foods you want and also at what prices within this situation it is a win-win situation. This continues thoughout your entire day while you bank visit the mall, service station, and so forth.

However details are more and more collected without your understanding or consent. “Black Boxes” how big cigarette packs happen to be set up in 40 million vehicles to watch speed, seatbelt use, and much more. Only 5 states currently require the buyer be advised of the fact.


The trade-off is somone has an eye on where and when you drive,your food intake, what over-the-counter medications you purchase,regardless of whether you smoke or otherwise,in which you fly with whom, what you love to read watching and put money into.

Anyone item isn’t invasive however when birth certificates, credit histories, property deeds, military records, and insurance claims are pulled together it paints a really intimate picture. Increase the mix that an average joe is viewed by surveillence cameras 75X each day.


Previously decade a surge of technologies have occurred and also the pressing appetite of marketers for details about consumers makes data collection less voulutary and much more worrisome.

Data mining is very large business. Companies vacuum up data from private and public records, aggragate it evaluate it then sell it to buyers varying from private companies towards the CIA. If the error exists there’s no understanding from you as a result it can not be fixed.

Data thefts are rising incorporated are banks, charge card companies, and also the greatest from the data brokers Choicepoint. When their records were breach they left huge numbers of people prone to id theft.

In conclusion technologies are not going anywhere soon so we love convience but we should be aware and turn into vigilant. In fact it is here we are at Congress to step-up and get the job done to produce a fundamental bill of legal rights for those information. This can give to us necessary protection.


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