Monthly Data Security Brief by Sentree Systems, Corp.

Data Security Brief by Sentree Systems, Corp.


Come On In Hackers, We Left the Door Open for You

Before you run out to the store and buy Samsung’s SmartThings, which is the top-selling Internet of Things, you might want to think how much control of your home you are willing to hand over. The thing is, this device seems like the perfect solution. It can lock your front door remotely if you forget, it can raise and lower your blinds to help save on your electricity bill, plus a 1000 other uses you never knew you really wanted. But, it comes at a cost.

Cybersecurity researchers at the University of Michigan hacked right on into the smart home system and within minutes had the PIN code to the front door. They could walk right in and drink your favorite bottle of wine while taking off with your most prized possessions. Doesn’t seem very smart when you put it that way.

FBI vs. Apple Round 2

You know the story, the FBI wanted Apple to unlock their iPhones and Apple refused. The FBI then went to the professional hacking community (who knew that was a thing?) and paid nearly $1.3 Million dollars for the hack on the iPhone 5C. According to the Wall Street Journal, the FBI bought a physical mechanism to unlock the phone. The problem is, the FBI doesn’t know how the hack actually works.

The FBI told Apple that the security flaw exists, but wouldn’t tell them any other details. Why, you might wonder? It’s simple… the FBI can use the device to hack future phones, but it really doesn’t know how the hack works so they can’t explain it to anyone else. This little fact enables them to get around White House review and leave Apple in the dark about a security flaw.

1st Ever Cyberbombs Used on ISIS

For the first time in history, the U.S. Cyber Command has been given its first wartime assignment. Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work stated that are dropping Cyberbombs on ISIS to attack and disrupt the ISIS cyber infrastructure. Cyber Command was created in 2009, but very little is known about their operations until now.

Cyber Command is focused mainly on disrupting ISIS cyber communication. This could make ISIS use old-school technology and go underground. No worries, as the U.S. can go old school too. The other focus of the cyberbombs are on ISIS finances that are located in cyberspace.

Hacker Collected 272 Million Email Addresses, Including Gmail

A young hacker targeting mostly Russian users made off with 272 Million email addresses in his latest hack. He was able to breach smaller companies that required an email to log into their accounts. If you are the type that has one email across your bank accounts, social media, or shopping sites, go ahead and change your passwords. Go on, do it now.

There is no way to check to see if your email was compromised according to the detailed Reuters article. Hold Security, a security firm famous for obtaining the details on stolen data from the hacking world discovered this young hacker through Internet chat rooms. They persuaded him to give them the details about this massive email hack.


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