Bank Scam Alert: Text Message Scam

Bank Scam Alert!!

We’re going to go out on a limb here and assume that everyone reading this uses a bank, right? Well, if you use a bank than this scam is targeted at you. Last week, an innocent banking customer received a legitimate looking text (about an hour after she left the bank!) stating that her card had been temporarily blocked and it gave her a number to call to resolve the issue. Wanna take a wild guess about who was waiting for her to dial that number and spill all of her banking information?  You guessed it, the scammer!!!

Do You Need to Worry: You sure do. Since it appears like it’s coming from a company that you do business with you are more likely to fall for this scam. By calling the phone number provided you’ll be automatically connected with the scammer who says they need your bank account information. They may even ask for your PIN or Social Security number leaving you with a serious problem on your hands.

What Can You Do About It: Keep in mind that financial institutions won’t contact you by text or email to request personal information or account details. While you may receive alerts, the information should only flow one way, from the bank to you, not the other way around. If you get a request to contact your bank, always verify the source by calling the bank, using the number on your ATM card or on their official site.


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