Are Your Employees Password Savvy?

Are Your Employees Password Savvy?

You know what the number one worst password for IT security is in the world? It’s the one that people mistakenly use more often than not. “123456”. Yes, it’s just that ridiculous. Another one is just using the word, “password” as your password. That’s not smart either, because it basically just says that you don’t care about online security. Hackers know the entire list of commonly used passwords that most people carelessly use. Don’t let your business be prone to getting breached from less than intelligent passwords. That’s a nice way of saying that you should make sure your employees aren’t using stupid or ineffective passwords. Here are some ways to make sure that your employees are password savvy.

Computer hacker phishing and hacking network account username and password
Computer hacker phishing and hacking network account username and password

Hold a Meeting On the “Do’s and Don’ts” of Best Password Practices

You would think that effective passwords are common sense, but not everyone looks at the bigger picture of security when choosing a work password. Sometimes they just want something easy to get into the system as fast as possible. Teach them that great passwords are a combination of upper and lowercase letters, a number, and at least one symbol. They should avoid anything personal to them such as their birthday or social security numbers. That information is easy to access online in many ways by hackers.

Have Them Update Passwords Every Few Months

It might seem like a pain to change your passwords every few months, but it does increase your security to have a rotating password system in place. This allows the safety of not having the same passwords used over and over again. Plus, it’s been proven that this new generation of people that have come up with online technology, can be lazy about password protection.

Hire A Professional Cyber Security Team To Protect Your Business

At Sentree Systems we are more than happy to educate your employees about safe password procedures. Our motto is that we “have the best ways to keep the bad guys guessing” with our password policies. Helping your business be more secure is one of our biggest goals so we understand the importance of making all your employees password savvy.


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