Adobe’s New VoCo Is PhotoShop For Audio – The Potential For Voice Phishing Is Horrendous

Our friends at sent me some interesting news in their January newsletter: “Adobe recently announced Project VoCo at the November Adobe Max conference.Putting_Words_In_Mouth.jpg

It’s purported to have the ability to take recordings of someone’s voice, then create audio that sounds like it is from that person.  In a nutshell, it’s Photoshop for audio.” 

And they continued with: “According to Adobe, the software needs about twenty minutes of someone’s voice, and then it can recreate that voice exactly. 

The software doesn’t just find words and patch them together; the 7-minute demo shows it can actually mimic someone and create speech that the person never said. You should watch it!

Couple that with the fact that spear phishing of C-suite employees is becoming a bigger problem, and you’ve got a volatile mixture. It’s usually not hard at all to find twenty minutes of audio on most CEOs and other high-level employees. considering many of them participate in press conferences, speeches, podcasts, and interviews.” 

There are a multitude of ways this can be misused. For instance, you can now fully automate voice phishing with the simulated voice of someone you know, like your CEO. Hmmm.

Good job on the side of Chris Hadnagy & Michele Fincher and their gang to warn for this!

Let’s stay safe out there.


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