Access Control: Who Has Access To Registrant Data?

Access Control: Who Has Access To Registrant Data?

As a busy event planner – in seemingly endless contact with venues, catering companies, and the oh-so-demanding event sponsor – can you afford to spend time developing registration spreadsheets, keeping track of each registrant’s information, recording travel and hotel details, and taking and processing credit card info? For most event planners, the answer is a resounding no. The process of registration is often the straw that breaks the camel’s back, causing an event planner’s stress level to rise to supreme heights. Keeping track of all the technicalities of registration is a full time job that many planners are still attempting to juggle along with planning the event itself.

So, with the vast reach and simplicity of the internet, why are so many event planners hesitant to switch to an online registration company that will take care of all these technicalities for them?

The answer is simple: they either don’t know about it, or they are worried that such companies could in fact complicate their lives. How can I know that information being put out on the internet will be safe? What if my registrants’ information is compromised? Will the online registration company use or sell my registrants’ information after they have it in their System? With the right company, all of these questions can be avoided because registrants’ information will be secure and held safe for the sole use of the event planner. Even more importantly, with the right registration company, credit card information will be encrypted to the highest degree allowed by law, guaranteed by a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption testing company, such as Thawte.

Once you have chosen a company that you know to be secure, you will enjoy features such as an event website with its own URL for registration, custom reports, and the ability to export reports to a wide variety of formats. Using a safe and secure online registration system can simplify the event planning process while increasing registration! And you can be sure that registrants’ personal and financial information will be protected at the highest possible levels. Registrant and event planner information that is protected to the highest degree possible offers you a guarantee that the information will be stored exclusively for the event planner’s use and will only be stored as long as is necessary. Holding to such standards, ensures that the event registration system is highly resistant to any breach, but if a breach does, in fact, occur, the system will have been monitored so effectively that it can be traced a remedied with accuracy and speed. A vulnerability recovery plan like this one is an essential part of upholding a strong security system to ensure that the system will not be breached. Your registrants will know that their information is safe.

Manually collecting registrations has long been one of the most tedious jobs involved in the event planning process, but it is no longer necessary for event coordinators if they choose a company that will offer the highest possible level of security so that they can enjoy the ease of use of such a comprehensive online registration system. With no need to worry whether or not their information will be hacker-safe, registrants will flock to your event because registering online is truly a far easier process than completing registration be old-fashioned snail-mail. Although giving up control over such a vital piece of the event planning process can be a frightening concept, doing your research to find a company that offers the strongest security for your registrants’ data, will save you time to deal with all of the other details of planning your next fantastic event.


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