6 Ways to Prioritize Before Your Law Firm Invests in IT Security

Article by: LegalTech News

This article is a good rundown of how central Indiana law firms should look at IT Security.

When it comes to prioritizing, the intricacies and evolutionary speed of digital threats can make cybersecurity seem like a frontier perhaps better left for later exploration. The problem, however, is that the future is now, and given the amount and severity of threats abound on the digital landscape, firms need to begin assembling the blocks of their cybersecurity strategies.

That spurs the inevitable question: Where does any firm begin?

On the digital landscape, some firms have already laid a foundation. A survey conducted by Chase Cost Management on law firm officials, many of whom were technology officers from Am Law 200 firms, found that the typical firm among those surveyed spent a little over $6.9 million a year on information security. Still, half of the respondents felt that their firms weren’t spending enough on security.
Regardless of budget, there are overarching considerations that every firm should be making. In attempt to see how firms can begin prioritizing their approaches to cybersecurity, Legaltech News reached out to experts for tips to help firms initiate and prioritize their fights against the threat.

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