Who We Serve

Who We Serve

We deliver effective Data Security and Compliance services to small businesses!


“Our Services are designed to reduce your companies overall risk of cyber breaches and minimize your attack vectors”


Our mission and purpose is to provide affordable, high quality enterprise level data security solutions to small businesses, that decreases your overall organizational risk of data breaches, law suits for mishandling critical data, regulatory compliance fees, loss of company reputation, while increasing their value to clients and customers.


We help small businesses reduce their risk of data breaches while increasing their chances of passing regulatory and compliance audits. So don’t think of us as just another IT company, think of us as your partner with a vested interest in seeing your organization succeed, think of us as your DATA GUARD DOG!


Our main industry focuses are in Accounting, Legal, Engineering, Health Care, and Financial Institutions. Believe it or not when it comes to cyber threats and data security, all businesses have some type of Compliance to adhere to, it’s not always a government regulation, or is it? We provides a powerful Security risk management portal that assesses your entire business and provides a transparent window into high value assets and high risk security gaps. This allows you to stay organized and create a business and technology roadmap that will improve your security posture and allow you to keep up with the constant changes year after year.



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