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The growth of the cyber-criminal malware industry has been massive, in just a few short years it has grown to a $65-$120 million dollar a year criminal enterprise in a short amount of time.  To lower your risk of a data breach there are some CRITICAL steps that need to be taken. Some of those steps you can perform on your own, and some your company will just need help with.  You’re not alone in this battle, it takes a whole lot to keep up with the cybercriminals these day. So if you have know gaps and vulnerabilities, or if you are unsure, DON’T WAIT CALL TODAY, TOMORROW COULD BE TOO LATE!!

What can be done?

Train Your Users – Less than 20% of organizations have trained their users on how to spot a fraudulent email. This is a shockingly low statistic. By training users on how to recognize fraud, how to remain safe online, and how to recognize when it would be better to ask an expert before proceeding we can eliminate much of the success the cybercriminals experience today.

Do The Little Things – Studies done by Microsoft have shown that over 20% of Windows devices do not run endpoint anti-virus software. Another 20% on top of that have let their subscription lapse. That is just asking for trouble. No endpoint security product could ever claim to stop every threat out there, but that shouldn’t matter. Just because a thief can break your window doesn’t mean you don’t lock your doors. There are some thing you can do and some that your service provider should do, here is a short list of things that need to be done on a regular basis:

  • Run endpoint security with an up to date subscription. Scheduled through service provider
  • Understand how to spot fraudulent emails and websites. User trained by service provider
  • Keep software up to date. Managed by service provider
  • Don’t download software from unknown sources. Stick to the major retailers or known entities. User
  • Change your passwords every 3 months for banking and email, and every 6 months to a year for everything else. User, with the help of a password management program like LastPass.
  • Use complex passwords. User, with the help of a password management program like LastPass
  • Backup important data. Nothing is worse than losing critical data. Managed by service provider
  • Don’t run deprecated software. If a company is no longer supporting a software product users should upgrade to the latest supported version. Unsupported products are significantly more likely to experience vulnerabilities and exploits. Application management should be managed by service provider.
  • When in doubt get expert help. Having a service provider on your side is priceless!

If you have know data security risks don’t wait, this is nothing to procrastinate about!  Sign up below to get a FREE consultation to schedule a Remediation Project. Once we reveal where your risks are in your network we will work out a plan to remediate those issue.

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