Periodic Data Security Audits

How Would you answer These Questions?

  • What is your #1 cyber security concern?
  • Are your customers or suppliers beginning to question your data security best practices?
  • What type of data is the most critical to your business?
  • Do you know how much unprotected data is stored on your network putting your business at risk?
  • If a Data Breach were to occur today, could your company survive the FINANCIAL Impact?
  • Do you have an ongoing risk intelligence program monitoring all of your endpoints, notifying you of any anomalies, changes, and threats?
  • Is the coverage of your cyber liability Insurance adequate for your organization?
  • Do you have outside entities accessing your network and sensitive data?

If your answer to any of these questions are “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure” or “I never thought about it”, then you need a Data Security Audit.  This will allow you to get a baseline of how well your organization will stand up to a data breach, and if you have been through a breach, it will tell you if you’re prepared to defend against another one.

Is this you?

I already have vulnerability management and data discovery solutions.

  • These solutions leave gaps that SentreeGuard,  our powerful data breach risk intelligence platform fills.  SentreeGuard reaches PCs and other devices where employees have stored data, emailed data, or stored in Dropbox.
  • SentreeGuard also presents financially prioritized data to aid in decisions about what your organization’s most important assets are. No other solution does this todate.

I know where my ‘crown jewel’ assets are.

  • Most CEOs of small to larger enterprises know where assets should be.
  • However, IBM advises that over 95% of security incidents involved human error. Employees often copy and move data, via email, thumb drive or Dropbox.
  • We have found over $1 million of unprotected critical data on a single laptop at many of our customers – much to the surprise of the CEOs.

Benefits to using SentreGuard’s Risk Intelligence

  • Charting PicRapidly understand your total risk exposure and which individual assets need attention first.
  • Use the results from the audit to justify additional resources.
  • Protect your network from 3rd party negligence.
  • Calculate financial risk to help evaluate cyber security insurance needs.
  • Our data trending charts will show the impact of your initiatives.



If your organization is under strict restraints by your company policies or tight PCI or HIPAA regulations, you might want to sign up for our Monthly Data Security Audit. During our Monthly Audit we run a monthly scan of your network that reveals continuous improvements to your data security posture, and you get reports to show to 3rd party auditors proving how important Data Security is to your organization.




If you accept credit cards you MUST perform a vulnerability scans on a regular basis.  This choice is for those companies with a more lenient restrictions, where as every four months is acceptable.




If you have all of the security you need but would like to have a Vulnerability scan done every 6 months just to see if your employees are keeping with your policies and procedures, this Audit is just what you need.




Our Yearly Data Security Audit is for the organization that desires to validate their Data Security Solution to see if you are staying on track.




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