New Prospecting Data Security Questionnaire

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What does data security mean to your organization?
Do you consider Data Security to be an IT function?

Is the Data Security for your organization handled internal or external?

What current Data Security solutions do you have in place?
Are you satisfied with your current solution?

What are your biggest data security concerns?
What type of data holds the most value within your business?

Do you know how much unprotected data exist in your network?

Who has access to this data?

If a data breach were to occur today, could your company survive the financial Impact?

Do you offer public facing Wi-Fi?

Is it on the same subnet as your internal network?

Do you know how many devices connect and disconnect to your network on a daily basis?

Could you tell if an internal or external actor was stealing data form your network?

Does your business have cyber liability insurance?

If so, do you have adequate liability coverage?

Do you have outside vendors that access your network and sensitive data?

Which of these regulatory compliances govern your organization?

Do you have a Data Security policies and procedures program?

Are these policies and procedure updated on a regular basis and kept current?

Do you offer training for your employees on these policies and procedures?

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