IT Services

IT Services

About Our Services

Our over 16 years of experience, combined with our strategic partnerships, allows us the ability to competently evaluate all of your organization’s IT needs and design effective IT Services.

Our IT Services are designed to reduce your costs, increase your revenue and mitigate your business risks through their productivity and efficiency enhancing benefits.

Whether you have an immediate issue that needs to be resolved quickly, or are interested in setting up a strategic meeting for planned technology improvements, leverage our depth and breadth of experience and expertise in designing and implementing IT Solutions to help you achieve your business growth and profitability goals.

IT Security

Here at Sentree Systems, Corp we offer complete Data Security from your on-premise servers and workstations to all mobile devices. We cover BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and company owned devices with a security solution that is best in class.

Business Continuity Services

Our Business Continuity Services offers peace of mind when it comes to your data being ready for you when you need it. As we move further into the age of high availability and instant gratification we must adapt our business practices to this ever-changing demand. Similar to most markets, data protection requires a far different product than it did at the turn of the century. “Out of sight, out of mind” is not an acceptable strategy for off-site backup. Your business continuity solution should protect against all factors of risk, including the potential loss of data, and loss of time.

Cloud Computing

Does your business demand greater performance, rapid scalability and higher availability from your line of business and productivity applications to remain competitive? Let us help you identify the right applications for your business and provide all of your service, support and maintenance while increasing your productivity and meeting your budgetary requirements.

Productivity Solutions

our Productivity Solutions Solutions accelerate internal and external shared business processes, share business information within and outside of your organization; make business process initiation, participation, tracking, and reporting easy and flexible by providing a simple, consistent user experience through familiar client applications; optimize the way people, content, and processes interact within and across organizations.

Let us speed your path to the cloud. By taking advantage of our Productivity solutions. You will get the most from what the cloud has to offer. With flexible offerings like Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, you can choose your own path to a more modern IT.

Mobile Device Management

Sentree Systems’ mobile device management (MDM) is the fastest and most comprehensive way to configure devices for enterprise access and secure corporate data on smartphones and tablets — all from a single screen.

As a fully integrated cloud platform, Sentree Systems simplifies MDM with rapid deployment, visibility and control that spans across mobile devices, applications and documents.

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