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Do you know where the gaps are in your network?  Are you leaving backdoors open to Hackers? Vulnerabilities plague business networks of all sizes and they don’t even know it. Contact us today for your Assessment and plug up the hole in your security wall!!!

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Do you have KNOWN data security vulnerabilities? Is your Antivirus outdated? Does your Firewall need updated and properly configured? Are your Data Security policies and procedures out-dated, etc……? Then your organization is at RISK and you need of a remediation plan. Call TODAY, don’t wait!!!

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Are you attempting to perform your own Data Security, but don’t have the TIME or Resources to keep up the good FIGHT against todays hackers and scams?  Partner with a leader in small business data security in central Indiana.

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Did you know….

  • Over 200,000 new unique malwares are discovered every day.
  • Security breaches are at a 38% increase YoY (year over Year).
  • 40% of data breaches affect companies with less than 1000 employees.
  • Most small companies, less than 500 employees, have no resources dedicated to Data Security.
  • A data breach goes undetected for more than 200 day
  • 60% of small businesses go out of business within 6 months after a breach

Malware and data breaches are getting more and more complex due to data being used and stored in multiple places, IoT*, Mobile devices, the Cloud, in your office.

Our approach to Data Security is unique in that all engagements start with an evaluation of the business processes. During the evaluation Use Case and Activity Diagrams A.K.A (Functional Flowcharts) will be generated to get a bird’s eye view of how your company performs its day-to-day operations. Use Case Diagrams will allow us the chance to discover any vulnerabilities and gaps in how you and your employees interacts with your critical data.

There are four stages we use in our evaluation process:

Information Gathering – Collect information on the actors (employees) and their interaction with the system.
Discovery – Look for gaps in the actor’s daily processes, and the data itself, where is it stored and how it is transferred.
Recommendations – Offer recommendations to the decision maker on the next steps.
Remediation – Bring system into our internal standards based on policies and procedures approved by management.

Once all of the vulnerabilities and gaps have been identified we will offer a recommended action plan to remediate any risks found. Our evaluation is broken into two areas, physical data security and digital data security. Physical data security relates to the physical location of the critical data, who has access to that data, and is it protected from environmental risks (fire, flood etc). Digital data security is all about Cyber and network security, as well as employee mishaps and hostel intents. What does it all mean, we use a layered approach to Data security based on 5 quadrants:

5 quadrants of data security:

Identify – What are the Threats, tactics, procedures and techniques used to gain access
Protect – Identify the target host that needs protecting
Detect – Learn what has been compromised. Accept that no security is perfect but be prepared and know when there is a breach and be ready to react QUICKLY.
Respond – Contain the threat by isolation of the host that has been compromised
Recover – Getting back to normal operation

5 Quadrants of Cyber Security

So if you have an IT service provider that you are happy with that you can call on to replace your server and reset your passwords and printers, we can work with them to make sure that server is not being compromised without you knowing it.

*IoT = internet of Things (wireless thermostats, lights, doors etc.)



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